Nov 12 2010

Feng shui – attic bedroom?

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HI i have regularly desired fengshui though been uncertain upon fixation a bagua.

I live in a residence with my family as well as my space is a atic bedroom. we have tilted walls upon dual sides, an open section wall with funnel upon a distant wall, as well as as all integument bedrooms do have i have a step box which takes out a total cube of my career sector. we operate possibly side as travel in storage. does this equate as room then? should i retard of with a screen these sides

I have a bed as well as mechanism in my room which i unequivocally need

When laying my Bagua map do i do only my room or do it from a front doorway of a house. do i have to enter into with a compass where north is or is it jus applicable to where my doorway is? Can i place something in which stairwell to assistance me?

Any assistance is most appreciated as i have a graphic miss of career, concentration (unemployed as well as incompetent to find a job) oh as well as i have a nonexsistant adore hold up complaint as well :(

Thanks for reading
Oh as well as i am a Gua series 5 female

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  1. dogenzenjion 12 Nov 2010 at 9:22 am

    as i said before, it does not matter if you only live 1 part of the house; the whole house must have at least 2/3′s good fengshui, or fengshui won’t have any good effect on your life. fengshui depends on chi/ energy. chi occupies space. (chi can be bad or it can be good.) the more space, the more chi. with regards to the house, the more space in the house with good chi, the more good you will have in your life; the more bad fengshui it contains, then the bad fengshui will negate whatever good fengshui you have done in your attic bedroom. remember, bedroom is just a bedroom. the kitchen draws in the money, thus, most chinese invest money in doing their kitchens.

    regarding black hat fengshui or clearing clutter fengshui, could you really believe that the stairs would be taking out your career bec that the stairs in your career section? then to have a good fengshui house to have a house with no stairs and no bathrooms – think about it. black hat fegnshui is bogus.

    i attended fengshui seminars years ago. and i haven’t came across this kind of fengshui. we had flying stars, water dragons/ water placements, 8 mansions, etc.

    get a compass, go to the front door (main door of the house, not your bedroom), with you inside the house, looking towards the door (looking out), close the door, then hold the compass against the door. it is better to have a rectangular compass in which the center can be turned. anyway, hold the compass the try to get the reading that is 90 degrees or perpendicular degree to your front door – facing degree of your door (0 to 359.99 degree).

    then email me this and when did you (your family) first moved into the house (whole date) or when did the house had a major renovation (major means at least 2/3′s of the house) – whichever is recent. then i can calculate for your flying star chart. with this, you will know what areas has good chi and what areas have bad chi, and how to use these to your advantage – this is fengshui. oh, it is better if you have a house plan attached or have a link.

    if you have a kua #5, that just mean that you are #8. there is really no such thing as a kua#5. I am also kua#5 (or 2 in case of a man). this just mean that bad chi (from outside going into the house – xuan kong da gua technique/ concept) cannot harm us, but they can harm most people that do not have kua#5. so, i wouldn’t worry about rearranging your bedroom.

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